Thursday, 5 June 2014

Looking Back Is a Marvellous Way of Checking How Far You've Come.


A fine, bright start here in suburban Hertfordshire.

Make the most of it while you can!!

As the calendar has meandered its way into the month of June, my attention, as it always does at this time of year, has been drawn to 'The Sway', the band I am a founder member of, played Bass Guitar in and on occasion, wrote songs for.

June was the month the monster was created and 1989 was the year. So this month is officially the band's 25th anniversary!

I don't often feel my age but the thought of 25 years passing since my first foray into the murky world of rock and roll is a scary one because it simply feels like yesterday.

We were a good band, no doubt but the bottom line is despite many great achievements (2 top 100 records, 2 UK tours, headlining The Marquee in London twice, being regular mischief makers around the pubs and clubs of Camden and having bands such as Travis as our support act), the step up to the next level, as with so many bands in that era just before the internet, never materialised.

I can look back now and be grateful, be it by the grace of God, the hand of fate or the whim of good old lady luck herself, that I didn't 'make it' because a man with my appetite for destruction and a taste for everything indulgent, in measures whatever the opposite of moderation is, would simply not have come out the other side.

In the intervening years since the band originally split in August 1995, I managed to control the addictions within me for large periods of time and although I have completely succumbed to them on three occasions, not being in a fame seeking rock and roll band undoubtedly resulted in a slower acceleration of the disease and ultimately, ensured my survival.

So today I can reminisce fondly about the music. I can laugh at the mayhem surrounding those early years. I can be satisfied that we got back together a few years back to record the album we never got to make first time round.

I'm proud of the lifelong bonds formed, that would not have been born, if not for the existence of the band. I am particularly warmed by the fact that my friend of 40 years and the man I wrote my first song with over 25 years ago, is still my friend today.

Not least, we, as a band, can be proud (and pehaps amazed) by the popularity that our music has achieved in our absence.

As this anniversary swung round, I have been online to check out what's what and have a fair estimate that all of The Sway related material across dozens of different internet sites, now tops half a million combined downloads, listens and views.

Everything has been put out there free of charge to listen to and download. The most important thing  now, is that the music is enjoyed and continues to be shared. (link to the 1993 Silk EP) (link to the 1995 Going Blind EP) (link to the 2011 Album, When Worlds Collide)

So I hope you do enjoy it and if you do, please, please share it.

I'm here today as a Father, Husband, Friend, Son, Brother, sometimes writer and very much an ex-rock and roll bass player.

As the title says, looking back is a marvellous way of checking how far you've come.

I've come along way.

And I did 'Make it' really, simply because I'm still here and I'm happy.

Happy Birthday to The Sway.



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  1. Bloody brilliant blogging, Hoggy. Will be giving all those tunes a spin, very soon. You have certainly had an interesting life!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice one. Excellent that all the music is out there for free. Just played the Going Blind EP. Fuckin top work! Not sure how you didn't make it but heh! least your still alive. Great bloke, great band x

  3. People South America love Sway. Silk, Going blind loveed by people.

  4. Great tunes. I wasn't even born when your band was created but the music and lyrics sound fresh. Cheers.

  5. Thank to all who have read, commented, listened to the music and shared. Top people, one and all x