Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Should We, Shouldn't We?


It's been a while.

I've been stirred into life today, with the news that Troy Deeney is again being linked with a move away from The Vic. Leicester City being the club reported as the interested party, with a bid of £7.5 million.

I wanted to jot a few words on my thoughts and Twitter is all well and good but it would take a few tweets, so thought it best to type here.

If I were the owner, I would be doing all I can to keep Deeney for this season. Promotion is the ultimate goal. We have done exceptional business thus far this summer and we are obviously stronger with Troy.

Deeney could be made a promise that if he gives us one more year and we do not get promotion, he can leave for the Premiership.

Hopefully he can achieve his Premiership dream at the end of this coming season with Watford but if he doesn't, I would very much doubt his value would fall in the next year. If anything and he again proves to be the main man, his price will only increase.

I do understand the business model that the club operates under the Pozzo regime.

Being in the top league of the country the club plays in, is part of that business model.

I am hoping that Troy Deeney is seen as key to that because I'm sure most of the fans feel he is.

To sell him could be seen as a backwards step, in what has been, so far, a summer of great strides.

Ultimately, there is, I'm sure, a price or scenario (£ + player) for Troy, in the owner's mind, at which they will do business. Also, I hope that Troy has a level of club in mind that he would think about moving to, rather than joining a pre-season relegation favorite, just because they are in The Premier League.

We shall see but one thing is for sure, Watford FC are far from the easy target they once were in the transfer market, when the 'bigger boys' come calling.

I'm remaining optimistic that Troy Deeney will not only lead the line for Watford this season but he will do so as Captain.


Cheers all.


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