Saturday, 10 May 2014

Farewell Marco Cassetti.

So I wake to news that Marco Cassetti (pictured with my son) had bid farewell to Watford, via Twitter.

I'm not going to start analysing his career or pretend to be some sort of authority on Italian football or any of that stuff.

I just want to say a few things.

1. What a beard!

2. It's a shame he came so late in his career but I rejoice in the fact that he came at all. He is a class act.

3. Going to work, doing his best for his family, whilst being parted from them for long period must have been hard for all of them and knowing that has only increased my admiration for him. He's going home to them now. They will be happy and proud, I'm sure.

4. He has been exciting to watch, committed to the cause, has sailed close to the wind at times no doubt but has become a real fans' favourite during his time in Hertfordshire. He'll be fondly remembered and sorely missed.

5. As a fan who is just a little older than the likes of Cassetti and Almunia, to have had them around has definitely cemented my connection to the team. As much as I love the younger members of the squad, naturally these older guys have earned my respect in general, as well as my admiration in respect of their footballing prowess.

6. I wish Marco all the very best with what ever comes next. It's a shame it couldn't have been for longer but who knows? Perhaps Watford have not seen the last of him in the long term.

Farewell Marco Cassetti.

It's been a blast!

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  1. Marco's Beard10/05/2014, 11:38

    It was a pleasure to watch him and although the legs had gone a bit, I always smiled when his name was on the team sheet. Wishing him all the best.

  2. Wonder if we'll go to a back 4 next season? I think we will. Could do with a right back and a beast of a CB.