Saturday, 19 April 2014

5 Thoughts, Post Match v Ipswich. Sat 19th April 2014

Good evening to you.

A very good evening, following a fantastic 3 points for Watford FC at The Vic this afternoon.

Haven't got the time to sit here and entirely dissect what I feel was a decent performance from The Golden Boys, so I'd just like to offer up five quick thoughts (without mentioning the 'you know whats'!).

1. Tommie Hoban. After my comments in the opening article yesterday, he was everything today that I wanted him to be. He won an extremely tough, physical battle with Frank Nouble (himself young but slightly more experienced than our boy) by some distance. Absolutely brilliant and unsurprisingly called out as official man of the match by the club, at the final whistle.

2. Lewis McGugan. Never going to be blood and guts but in the current midfield, whilst remaining crafty, he's added a little bit of work rate (since coming back into the side after his injury). It's all we ever asked. Scored a deserved goal to endear himself further with the Watford faithful.

3. Mathias RanĂ©gie. Whereas it seems Lewis has added a little endevour, I was disappointed with the big Swede this afternoon. Showed willing when the ball was to be won in the air but chased down nothing that fell lose. Needs to take a leaf out of Troy Deeney's book.

4. We did not concede a late goal today. Not unless you count the goal we conceded late in the first half. So late in the first half, in fact, that it actually went in at the start of the second half (sorry - I composed that 'joke' on the way home and it sounded far better in my head).

5. When Beppe waves, it makes me smile. Well done to The 1881(a pro-active movement I wholeheartedly endorse) and The Rookery as a whole. The atmosphere was decent and there is a buzz back round the place.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to use the comments section and please share via Twitter and Facebook, if you feel so inclined.

I'll certainly be tuning in to The Foootball League Show later, for a re-run.

Enjoy your evening folks and again, thanks for reading.


  1. Was a great afternoon. I like 4 of your 5 points. Your joke is rubbish! :) Have a good one, fella.

  2. Tommie Hoban was nails today. A future Watford Capt and Legend. Nice to see some homegrown talent shining along with our imports We do give them a chance and it's good. Thought Faraoni had a stormer today as well.

  3. Today was a very good day indeed! COYH!

  4. At first I thought, 'not another one' but having read your other articles, I like your easy style and agree with most of your view points. Keep it up as many of these blog writers disappear after a couple of goes. For me, Tommie Hoban was excellent yesterday and if we beat QPR on Monday, who knows!